Curiosity in the invention of the electric motors

Most of the discoveries of our history are not always just physical or mathematical as ever mentioned that manage great things that change the history of the equipment, for the discovery of the electric motor that was not dissimilar.

To the admiration of great scholars and physicists of the time a simple cobbler of English origin William Sturgeon that in parallel to his profession studying about electricity in their spare time discovered based on the study of another scientist that the nucleus of an iron involved by an electrical conductor wire modify a magnet when passed electric current, he in turn also noted that the strength of this magnet stopped since energy chain was cut.

From there can be seen an invention the electro magnet, and if it was this discovery today would not be possible for industry to manufacture building machines with power made by electric motor and large general purpose vem3558, over time significantly changed and improved, more initial idea of ​​this shoemaker.

How does the life of an electric motor

We know that much of an electric motor of life will depend on several factors that need to be observed very carefully:

1- Correct clamping – this will help prevent the vibrations and thus damage their physical structure.

2- power voltage values ​​close to nominal. Check at cc fuses lp cc for more information about electric motors.

3- Low harmonic distortion that are in power grid

4- High Power Factor

5- Correct sizing and adequate internal and external protection.

6- Cleaning Type

7- Lubrication

If these are observed an electric motor lasts an average of 20 years

In the case of a motor rewound, it will never be able to achieve the same standards of a new engine, and how to rewind, although it is standardized by the manufacturer, this does not retraces losses that the magnetic material undergoes during firing, thus the Your life becomes smaller, although how minor it varies according to the service performed and the type of burning, do this rewinding can only be done in authorized store.

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Follow the explanations of how an electric motor by force to rotate the shaft

So that an electric motor can rotate in the correct axis, he must have some effort and not simply set the force used, then we can say that is not enough to define the force used: one must also know how far from the center axis force is applied, this effort is measured by the conjugate, which is the product of force by the distance to calculate the energy and mechanical power.

The power applied measures the rate at which power is applied or consumed by the motor, so for example if one if the well is 25.5 meters deep, the energy expended to bring the bucket from the bottom to the well mouth is always the same, this amounts to 20 x 25.5 m N = 510 Nm. With this it is noted that the mechanical energy measurement unit, Nm, is the same as used for the electric motor torque, and however it comes, quantities of different nature, which should not be confused never.